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Anti - Sharon Does Not Mean Anti Semitic
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Oct 11, 2004

Thanks Mike for pointing out the glorious New York Times' Bias Project which uses this "independent" study by CAMERA to back up its claims.

Of course it would be anti-Semitic of me to point out this piece from the folks at The Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs because it calls into question the motives and methods of the folks over at CAMERA and FLAME. You're correct, though, when you point out the link between "Israel's right to defend itself" and European anti-Semitism. But you've got it the wrong way. I've discussed the commonalities between the fear mongering of Sharon and Le Pen before. I've even pointed out how this kind of fear mongering is at the roots of fascism.

I've got a question, though. Why doesn't the New York Times spend any time coverning the efforts of groups like The Jewish Unity for a Just Peace? Would that further entrench their position in the "rising tide of anti-Semitism"?

Many of us will never be able to imagine the horror and fear suffered by Jews during and after the Holocaust. We can only try as best we can. But it occurs to me that it is incredibly disrespectful of those who suffered and those who continue to suffer at the hands of anti-Semites to so easily raise the spectre of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism against anyone who disagrees with the politics of Israel.

Posted by jason at Oct 11, 2004 10:06 AM